24 hours in charming Vicenza

Yesterday I went to a beautiful Italian city: Vicenza, which is situated between Verona and Venice. I’ve seen a lot of culture, art, fashion and hidden places.


Caffé Garibaldi, Piazza dei Signori

A luxurious bar and restaurant in the center of Vicenza. 
They have a terrace where you can enjoy the view on the main square. The interior is decorated with lovely furniture (cool lamps and extravagant chairs). There is also a small library, reading space in the back of the Caffe.

Bar Borsa, Piazza delle Erbe

This chic and hip location is one of the coolest places in Vicenza for young people.
You can have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at Bar Borsa. Sometimes they even organize special events with live music and a special menu.
The bar is full of old vinyls and books.


Lazzari store, Piazzetta Palladio

Lazzari is a modern Italian brand. Their clothes are customized for young fashionable people. Their spring summer collection is made of colorful clothes, they designed a lot of skirts, dresses and coats. 
Visit their website: lazzarionline.com

I love flowers and I could find a lot of cute flower shops or markets in Vicenza.

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