How to decorate your room

Living in a shared flat means you only have your own room for yourself. To me decoration is really important and I love to style the place I live at. This post should help you to decorate your room in order to make it look more lovely and comfortable. 

  • Buy some small plants: I recommend cacti as you don’t have to water them often
  • Get some fashion magazines: A Vogue issue in your room can look pretty stylish 
  • Buy old stuff at flea markets: I’m using a lot of flea market finds such as an old telephone and a camera as part of my room decoration
  • Buy art cards at museums: I became an art card addict and I love to fix them on the walls in my room (as you can see on the photos below)
  • Use art posters as a wall decoration: Every museum shop sells unique posters and they look great in a bedroom 
  • Treat vinyls like paintings: I put all my records on a shelf and some even in a frame
  • Use your clothes as decoration: Bags, hats or scarfs can look amazing on a bookshelf for example
  • Select few but good furniture: Two beautiful lamps and maybe one chair are enough for a small room because less is more (sometimes)


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  1. Emittra says:

    Oh, I like your style! I love to buy/collect art cards aswell, the problem is that my collection is growing and I am not able to hang them all on my wall, but it’s fun to change things once in a while.


    1. Thank you! Oh same here, I have more than 100 art cards now but it’s great because I can always change 😉

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