Sleeping at a library hotel in Paris

Can you imagine the perfect accommodation in Paris? I will show you my definition of an unforgettable and unique hotel experience. 

The greatest stay in Paris would be nothing but a dreamy library. In the heart of the charming Marais district, located right next to Marché des Enfants Rouge, which counts as one of the oldest and historical markets in Paris, you will find the lovely concept hotel “Paris Boutik”. The surroundings seem to be made for the flaneur. 

Loads of glamorous restaurants, classical cafés, small museums / art galleries, special second-hand boutiques and many lovely bookshops are just a few steps away. My favorite square in the neighborhood is Place de la Republique. The historical place functions as a meeting spot for the younger Parisian generation. My favorite art museum is Musée Picasso, which is reachable on walking distance. If you want to take a break from walking around, you should buy a baguette with some cheese and perch on a bench at Place de Vosges, a classic French styled garden, unique example of seventeenth century architecture. Many young and hip Parisians are having picnics and talks there. For more ideas about the area you should read my older article: Time out in Le Marais

Staying at Boutique Hotel la Librairie was definitely a unique experience: The 45m2 room functions like an apartment, providing a sleeping room, living room, small kitchen and a modern bathroom including a bathtub (which is the luxurious extra you will need after a long and tiring city walk). Next to this “common” furnishings, the flat offers uncountable many books. In total there are more than 4,000 books in the apartment. During the stay, you can or rather should use and read them. Most of them are in French and the topics include non-fictional books about art, architecture, design, history, geography but also novels and remarkable French literature. Additionally the hotel provides magazines, some of them are in English. 

Staying at this hotel was like sleeping at a library or bookshop and that was just the greatest place for a bookworm like me. Enjoy my impressions and find out more about the hotel!

Website: Paris Boutik

Adress: Hotel “La Librairie” – 12 Rue Caffarelli, 75003 Marais (Paris, France) Métro: Filles du Calvaire (M8), Temple (M3), République (M3, 5, 8, 9, 11).



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  1. The two girls in the city says:

    It’s going to be a readers paradise..

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    1. Yes, absolutely!

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      1. The two girls in the city says:

        I am a travel blogger and would love if you view my blog

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      2. Great! I will take a look at your blog 🙂

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  2. The two girls in the city says:

    I am a travel blogger.. would love if you view my blog

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