Standing for solidarity by offering hospitality

The real value and face of humans always shows up in the most difficult moments. Usually that is when all the masks come off. Similarly these times of pandemic emergency demonstrate the most about human solidarity and empathy or rather the contrary. And I truly believe that in the end amity, harmony and cooperativeness will save humanity from destruction. 

Since the Corona virus has wreaked untold damage across the globe, the Costa Family, as founders and owners of some magical hotels, has asked how they can support the work of doctors, nurses and other specialised health operators fighting on the front line of this unspeakable tragedy.

Their project #crediamonegliesseriumani (“we believe in people”) embodies understanding, admiring and dedicating everyone’s hard work in this abnormal situation. It also aims to offer peace and relaxation in the near future to those people who are giving their best, risking their lives, and showing what they are made of on the front line: as people, human beings, and professionals. And this is exactly what the Costa Family team is planning at their refurbished luxury accommodation in the center of Tuscany, Italy. 

Albergo Posta Marucci, located in Bagno Vignoni, wants to help as much as they can with the means at their disposal which include hospitality, solidarity, and being a decent person.

Offering those heroes an unforgettable stay at Albergo Posta Marcucci in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Thus all doctors and nurses are being invited to spend a full day at this unique place together with their families or partners in order to find peace and get closer to nature. 

“What we are doing is simple. The bare minimum, and does not, obviously, compare to what they are doing. Even just a day spent in the oasis that is Bagno Vignoni can be an incredibly powerful balm for body and soul. When all this finishes, everything will be better. Thank you – because to the Costa Family and its collaborators you are heroes. We will welcome you with open arms and embrace you as soon as we can.”

The project primarily counted on Paolo Miranda’s help. Paolo has been working as an ICU nurse at Cremona hospital for nine years. He is passionate about photography but right now has not got any time left for his passion. He took his trusty camera with him on the ward to document the situation. Pictures shot during a working day, marked by a heavy and sombre routine. Indeed they are a depiction of what the true, genuine life of hundreds, thousands of people working and living in hospital facilities across all of Italy looks like right now. 

And I could not think of any other place than Albergo Posta Marcucci to host our heroes. The story would not have come about if it were not for Val d’Orcia, a landscape of rolling hills stretching wide and far in history and vision. Nature has blessed this land in a way which satisfies the senses: at times it is as if the design of all around is perfect and has remained constant throughout the centuries.

This story would neither have any relevance if it were not for the Marcucci family, a family commitment going back to the mid 1800s when they managed a food retail out here in Bagno Vignoni, it providing also a postal service, and fast forward to the 1950s when the present structure of the hotel was built on a flattened vineyard.

Find out more about this magical hotel here

Reservations can be made by contacting the booking office


APM_campagna esseri umani_4

Meet Monica. A nurse who has just received the outcome of her test. She is scared – after all, she was in close contact with a person who tested positive. She runs, screams, laughs and finally breaks down in tears of elation while hugging a colleague: negative! Monica is normally calm, reserved, proper. But she let herself go on this occasion. Good news. After all, we are but human, and we feel fear, too. (Photo credits: Paolo Miranda)

APM_campagna esseri umani_4

Meet Donata. A child on her ward drew the mask she is wearing, or maybe taking off. The nurse has her eyes closed in a moment of tiredness, yet even so we can glimpse the enormous burden these people have to bear. (Photo credits: Paolo Miranda)




Special thanks to the whole Costa Family Team working hard to welcome guests with open arms. Photo was taken at Hotel La Perla (Corvara in Badia). 

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