How to spend a weekend in Salzburg

Let me tell you my story about a wonderful experience. Last weekend I got invited to spend a couple of days in Salzburg together with a small group of bloggers. Obviously I felt honored and I was even more excited because I have never been to Salzburg before.

Now this post won’t be a detailed list of our program because I think that would be totally boring. I’m simply gonna tell you which spots I liked most and what I would recommend if you’re visiting Salzburg.

Enjoy public contemporary art / Since 2002, the Salzburg Foundation, in collaboration with the Foundation for Art and CultureBonn, has sustained outdoor sculpture projects by renowned international artists in Salzburg. The aim of this great project is to supplement the city’s long-standing cultural tradition by contemporary artistic statements, and to offer the public an opportunity for a direct involvement with this form of art as well. During a walk through the city you will see a lot of these artworks. 

Stephan Balkenhol, Sphaera
Anselm Kiefer, A.E.I.O.U

Visit the museum of modern art / Even though Salzburg is a traditional Austrian city it offers quite some good modern art spaces. Next to the public installations around the city you shouldn’t miss the “Museum der Moderne” located on a little hill called Mönchsberg. They’re currently showing 3 exhibitions. Get more information about them here.


Stroll around Domquartier Salzburg / I feel like the prettiest part of a city is always the cultural center. Domquartier is actually the quarter with most of the museums and art galleries. There’s plenty to see such as the residence gallery showing 16th to 19th century European paintings, the impressive state rooms and you shouldn’t miss the terrace above the main cathedral which allows a breathtaking view of the city’s panorama. If you like Baroque art and architecture this is the place to be in Salzburg.


Have Mexican lunch at Las Cabreras / This little place is so mediterranean. Having lunch there actually felt like being somewhere in Italy, Spain or rather Mexico. Next to Tapas and Tortillas you can enjoy some really delicious smoothies. And there is even a small shop inside offering handmade tableware, spices and tiles. 


Take a royal break in Mirabell gardens / During city trips I’m always looking for a place to rest a bit when I’m tired from walking around. My favorite place for a break in Salzburg were definitely the stunning Mirabell gardens. Sadly the place is run over tourists during the day but in the morning or evenings you’ll be able to find silence and enjoy the beauty of some fascinating buildings that surround the park. Maybe that’s only because of the great weather but somehow I felt like being somewhere in Italy. 

IMG_5860IMG_5865More photos (from a walk in the city center) /


I hope you enjoyed my Salzburg city guide. If you wanna know more cool places, then feel free to contact me or check out the blogs from the other participants (their posts are written in German): 

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