A château of fairytales above
the clouds

Entering the golden doors of Castel Fragsburg, on a rainy Friday morning, felt like entering a fairytale, a retreat cloud between heaven and earth; certainly on cloud eleven, if such a cloud would exist.

Indeed Castel Fragsburg is located atop a mountain ledge overlooking Merano in the Alps, which makes a perfect treat regarding stunning views and idyllic surroundings. 

But beyond views and mountains, Fragsburg dreams a fairy hideaway offering the dreamiest garden, where taking your time will be completed by floral crowns, handmade by the house’s lovely alchemist Renate, adding a healing note for the soul, body and mind.

Castel Fragsburg is the smallest 5-star hotel in South Tyrol nestled in the 50,000 m2 hotel garden beneath its very own castle. It is a hidaway surrounded by glorious, pristine nature. A hotel that not only stands out for its own style but because it lives by its own philosophy – the art of fine living.

With this philosophy, the Fragsburg realm, which for instance includes a former bed of Habsburg royalty, empress Sissi at room #112, is ideal for guests diving into an oasis of Alpine luxury, combined with Mediterranean sensitivity and gusto.

That very Fragsburg oasis also opens new avenues, such as an avenue leading to a floral garden or a bed filled with fruits and thermal waters. Since Castel Fragsburg is located off the path, it inspires with a hidden charm and a garden for the soul.

The Fragsburg treatments and homemade, freshly prepared cosmetics in the unique alchemistic wellness concept (the first of its kind) are based on age-old knowledge of herbs and the nature in South Tyrol passed down through the generations.

Inspired by the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and the almost-forgotten teachings of alchemy, Fragsburg treatments offer harmonising full-body treatments, massages and healing baths and create personal beauty treatments tailored to your needs at the Healing Spa Castellum Natura.

Around the garden and healing spa, the romance of Fragsburg’s interior will leave a fascinated château of dreams in your memory.

Built as a hunting lodge in 1624, the property holds the spirit of a bygone era and is bursting with historical charm and touching experiences.

From the very beginning, stories were not just told but experienced here. In 1954, ownership of the Castel Fragsburg Maternum transferred to the Ortner family, which with a flair for the essential things in life, has been succeeded in transporting the vintage building into the present, while also honouring and reviving traditions and the beauty of the past.

With the purchase of the Castel Fragsburg Paternum, the castle on the mighty clifftop from the 14th century, the Ortner family has reunited the two buildings that originally belonged together. 

Furthermore, Castel Fragsburg aims and certainly also succeeds in creating a place of fulfilment. The extraordinary aura of the historical building provides strength and acts as a muse so that you can focus on yourself, exploring new avenues and recognising your body’s energy.

The harmonious symbiosis of history and nature – in the form of active experiences, top-class haute cuisine and deep relaxation in a very special healing spa gives Castel Fragsburg its own unique character and charm, almost reminiscent of a fairytale land.

Oh and we shan’t forget about the medieval Fragsburg Paternum, located on the rock above the lodge. At the castle, you’ll be served a most picturesque panoramic view, next to the highest waterfall in South Tyrol and enjoy a romantic picnic in the heart of the courtyard of Fragsburg Paternum.

All of that makes Fragsburg hideaway an overall composition, almost a dream-like performance, created with devotion and designed with an eye for beauty and a heart for the past.

Mix a feast for the eyes with a taste for an emotion and moment of pure indulgence. And maybe add a good bottle of wine, for the all-round experience of this unique place in the world.

Special thanks to Castel Fragsburg (Merano, Italy)
Clothing provided by Aloe&Wolf Vintage (Siena, Italy)
Hats and bags provided by Villa Freischütz (Merano, Italy)
Styling and creative direction Judith Bradl
Photography and editing Claudia in collaboration with Judith

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