A seductive portrait of saline eternity

Once sensing the voice of the sea, one feels like observing and then becoming part of an acting, almost a dramatic spectacle, filled with saline water and humanity in its purest and most infinite form. 

One may infer that the seawater and its constant acting movement to be a most precious source of tranquility, bringing peace and serenity as well as seductiveness and beauty to the soul and in the end to the very core of the heart. 

Gazing at the waves might therefore feel like gazing at a metamorphosis of human nature turning into a visible eternity of nature. For the human imitates the sea by living and reaching for eternity while the sea’s infinity visually appears to one’s eyes. 

Similarly the beauty of a scent appears to be infinite and will therefore build an eternal bond with the sea and its very essence. 

The freshness of Acqua di Colonia Rosa Novella is revealed in the harmony of green herbal notes of oregano and pepper that soften to moss and wood. Its olfactory texture awakens seductive, warm sentiments which blend in with saline water. 

At top citrus notes join with the sweetness of rose and white flowers from the Florence gardens of Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella (est. 1612). 

Prior to entangling oneself with the very grounds of saline water, you might discover the beauty of Santa Maria Novella’s high protective Sun Screen, which is filled with rays of fresh pomace from organic Italian red grapes and of pomegranate, improving skin tone and radiance. Mildly scented with the floral, oriental woody notes of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Vespro fragrance. 

Finally, one will feel at ease and find truthful delight in an intimate and deep relationship with the   seductive waters of the (Tyrrhenian) sea.


Special thanks to Officina Farmaceutica Profumo S. M. Novella Firenze (est. 1612) for providing various products (in collaboration with S.M.N.) Clothing by Red Valentino (provided by Oberrauch Zitt)

Tyrrhenian Sea

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