About Judith Bradlwarter 

Judith Bradlwarter is the founder and head editor of this visual magazine.

Judith was born and raised in a tiny and picturesque village in the North of Italy.  Although being influenced by the dreamy landscape of her hometown, she has always been mentally escaping to a metropolis, which is why after graduating from high school she moved to Vienna, fully devoting to her studies of art history, focusing on early modern and contemporary manifestations of visual arts.

In addition to her studies she’s been assisting various curatorial projects at the acclaimed Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, working with creatives such as film director Wes Anderson and his partner / costume designer Juman Malouf and artists such as Cecily Brown, Kerry James Marshall, Steve McQueen. 

Judith has always been driven by her passions which include digital media, cultural and social studies, interior design and last but not least vintage fashion and history of costumes. In fact her heart beats for everything that is connected to aesthetics.

About Atelier Judith

Atelier Judith is a magazine beyond visual arts. 

The magazine’s focus lies on modern and contemporary visual manifestations including exhibition reviews, gallery guides as well as artist and curator talks.

Furthermore Atelier Judith is eager to share innovative ideas of visiting European sites in a non-touristy way, providing special guides inspired by locals, such as flea market and vintage shopping guides.

Enjoy what goes beyond the frame!


This website is being privately provided and maintained by: Judith Bradlwarter
Address: On request
Email: jbradlwarter@gmail.com

Purpose and orientation of this website: This blog and website is non-commercial and solely reflects the personal opinion of Judith Bradlwarter.

Copyright: All images and texts published are provided with the source.
For commercial use of my contents feel free to get in touch with me.



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  1. TV says:

    Sehr schoene Seite!
    Gruss aus Paris


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