About Judith Bradlwarter – The author:

Judith Bradlwarter is the author and owner of this digital magazine. Judith was born and raised in a small village in the North of Italy and has always dreamed about working as a journalist in a big city. The urban aspect plays a big role in her life.

Since two years she’s based in Vienna, passionately studying art history at the University of Vienna. Next to art her passions are: architecture, interior design, literature, philosophy, cultural and social studies, vintage fashion, digital media and photography. 

About Atelier Judith – Urban art & culture magazine

Atelier Judith is a digital art, culture, travel and style magazine.
The focus is on modern and contemporary art, including exhibition reviews, museum advices, gallery guides, artist/curator talks, artist presentations. 

Furthermore AJ is eager to share urban ideas of visiting cities in a non-touristy way, providing special guides by locals, including flea market and vintage shop guides.

Enjoy the content! – Judith B. 

Contact me for more information or collaborations: judithbradl@yahoo.com


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