The Milan Culture Guide

My short stay in Milan was totally dedicated to art and culture. I visited some museums, art galleries and this post should give you a little review of different great spots I recommend visiting regarding art, architecture and design.

Medieval and modern art at “Pinacoteca di Brera”

This art museum was on my list for quite a long time. I finally managed to visit it (although in a rush because it was so huge and I had so little time). I would say it’s definitely worth visiting if you like Italian painters such as Mantegna, Bellini, Caravaggio, Raffaello and Modigliani. There’s also a section with modern paintings (cubism, surrealism, expressionism). The book shop is also great, I found some really beautiful books and art cards there. Click here for more info about the museum.                           

Adress: Via Brera 28, Milan (Metro: M2 “Lanza”)


20th century art at Museo del Novecento 

Social media is such a big influence right now. The reason why I found this museum was because of all the amazing Instagram photos in front of the huge windows of the museum with a breathtaking view on the Duomo. If you like modern (20th century) art you should really pay a visit to it. Most of the works are from Italian painters such as Boccioni and Modigliani but you will also find masterpieces by Picasso, Klee, Braque and Kandinsky. Click here for more information!                                                                                                      

Adress: Via Marconi 1, Milan (Metro M3 “Duomo”)


View goals at Terrazze del Duomo

Besides visiting museums I always seek for nice views while staying in a city. Climbing up church towers is quite popular in Italian cities. I’ve seen so many photos that have been taken on the top of the Milanese cathedral (better known as “Duomo”) and luckily I had time to enjoy the stunning view too. It’s really worth paying almost 10€. It’s a must-see for architectural enthusiasts like me. I have never before had the chance to watch architectural elements from so close. It was impressive!

Adress: Piazza del Duomo, Milano (Metro M3 “Duomo”)


Design heaven at 10 Corso Como

Wanna know where Milanese designers and fashion/art students get inspired?  It’s definitely 10 Corso Como. It’s a design concept store, bar/restaurant, photography exhibition space and the meeting point of fashion industry people such as designers, bloggers and students. I’d call this place heaven because it’s so many things I love in one place only. My favorite place is their bookshop. You can find loads of books about fashion, art, architecture, photography and more. By the way they’ve got the coolest magazines in town (from Vogue Japan to Garage, V Magazine and Love Magazine). They have even got a corner dedicated to the famous pop artist Andy Warhol. I got really inspired by the whole artsy atmosphere and stylish people there. 

Adress: Corso Como 10, Milan (Metro: M2 “Garibaldi FS”)


Fondazione Prada (click here to see my whole post about one of the most amazing art spaces in Milan) 

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