Finest vintage boutique in Vienna

Have you ever wondered where I buy my vintage clothes? I have to confess that the majority is from my family’s attic where I keep finding amazing old clothes. But there’s another important source: It’s called “Burggasse 24” .

Now I finally managed to write a short article about my number one vintage shop in Vienna. I discovered the store just some weeks after moving to Vienna two years ago and it became my favorite place very soon. To me, Burggasse 24 (the name and also address of the shop) means much more than just a second hand gem in the heart of Vienna. It’s the place I head to after a really exhausting day and suddenly my day is great again, even though I often just take a look and don’t even buy something. It’s the place I can stay at for a couple of hours and don’t even recognize that the time went by so fast. It’s simply the place I forget about the time and there’s only few of these places.

Most of all it’s the venue I get inspired most and meet the most stylish urban people. The whole atmosphere at this place actually reminds me of cities like London, Paris and New York. The music is vintage as well as all the fine-selected clothes. They offer fashion from the 20s to the 90s in the women’s and men’s section. All clothes are sorted by color (ex. all red clothes in one corner) and are arranged in a really lovely and artsy decoration. Next to stunning dresses, trousers, many blouses, shirts, classy coats and  trendy bomber jackets, they also sell jewels and accessorizes like sunglasses, bags, (silk) scarfs, elegant and sporty shoes, hats, caps and much more stuff. 

Conclusion: “Burggasse 24” is the vintage shop “par excellence”, the melting pot of old and modern urban style which is why I love spending so much time there. I have been to many vintage stores all around Europe but this one is without any doubt the number one on my list. The large rooms, fancy smell and high-quality products will make you fall in love with this vintage boutique. 

Take a look by yourself and maybe you’ll meet me (as I spend a lot of my free time there)!

Details: Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna (Austria) / How to reach it: U2/ U3 station “Volkstheater” or Tram Line 49 station “Siebensternplatz”

If you don’t live in Vienna, follow their fascinating store on Social Media; Instagram and Facebook.


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