Budapest goes Vintage

While exploring the capital of Hungary last week, I found some really cool vintage shops. I found some real treasures at affordable prices. The clothes may be used and from a couple of years back, but their quality is impeccable.
LUDOVIKA VINTAGE (Rumbach Sebestyén utca 15)

Visiting Ludovika is an experience in itself, even if you don’t end up buying anything. Cute doggies run around happily and welcome you in the surprisingly spacious store, which shows absolutely no signs of the typical thrift shop crowdedness. 

The fashion sense of owners Dóra Gyöngyösi and Krisztina Markó is reflected not only in the clothes they sell (stylish pieces from flea markets and second-hand shops all over the country and abroad) but in the interior design of the store. 

 Ludovika looks nothing like an attic full of junk, it much rather resembles a high-end fashion store. In the bright and tastefully furnished room, you’ll find patterned shirts, cozy sweaters, round sunglasses, necklaces, belts, bags and backpacks: everything you could ever need to style-up a casual outfit. If you’re getting ready for a summer festival, Ludovika is your go-to choice.
RETROCK (Anker köz 2)
This is actually the biggest Vintage shop I have ever been in. There are two floors full of everything you can imagine.
Retrock is a very successful business well-known among Budapesters: they’ve had their share of editorials and sell products by top-notch designers such as Blind Chic, FRKS Lingerie, Dora Abodi, Nora Sarman, Urban Legend, Mrs Herskin and Doridea. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve given up on collecting vintage and retro treasures. 
You can stock up your entire closet from their selection of new designs and vintage garments without having to worry about choosing something that’s not in-style: 
Retrock sells strictly the best fashion items that never become obsolete.
PRINTA CAFE (Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10)
This is actually not a Vintage shop, but if you are in Budapest one time, you can’t miss this cool place.
A concept shop, gallery, silkscreen studio and a café comprise this unique space in the center of Budapest
The shop offers selected design everyday-use items, clothing, eco-friendly accessories and recycled objects, mostly from local independent labels. You can find easily a cute small gift.
The gallery is dedicated to presenting contemporary serigraphs, drawings, graphics and urban art from upcoming Hungarian and international artists.
The water-base silkscreen studio is equipped to produce high quality and handmade prints on textile and paper. We also offer workshops and studio rental access for artists and graphic designers.
I hope you liked my review on vintage shops in Budapest.

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