Contemporary gallery talk in Vienna

In 1972 the Austrian couple Mario and Waltraud Mauroner established an art gallery (then called “Gallery Academia”) in Salzburg. In 2004 they opened a second exhibition space in the center of Vienna. The gallery is focused on notable Austrian and international contemporary artists. Currently they are having an exhibition about Carmen Calvo, a Spanish Conceptual artist with links to Surrealism.  

During a talk the founder and owner of MAM (Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art) explained his gallery concept: “The most important criterion for choosing an artist we want to show in our gallery is that we feel like the artworks are innovative and mediate a message or express the artist’s condition. In that decision process we are trying to disregard the personal circumstances such as gender, race, religion or country of origin. If the artworks are qualitative, we are attempting to collaborate with him/her.

Given that the gallery is well-known on an international level, many artists are applying to collaborate with the Austrian gallery. 

Furthermore Mauroner Gallery’s aim is to connect all arts: Fine arts, music, literature, dance, theater and all other forms of art shall be respected and showed. 

Another crucial purpose is to connect artists and art buyers or art enthusiasts in the gallery. During opening nights the artists are always present and according to the gallery’s press manager this helps to understand contemporary art better. In a talk he said: “Not all of our gallery visitors are connoisseurs and many are asking for an explanation about the artworks we are showing. In that case we only function as mediators and can’t speak for the author of the work. That’s why it makes sense to meet the artists and ask them personally for further information. In my opinion this technique creates a whole new experience with art.”

Another interesting fact: The gallery takes part at around 10 art fairs a year, including Art Brussels, Art Miami and Expo Chicago. The success isn’t always the same. Mr. Mauroner tells: “Different audiences react differently and that’s what I like most about my job. Traveling to different countries means discovering different tastes, also in the art matter.”

He continues saying: “That’s why we have to experiment a lot and it’s fundamental to try out new things. As a gallery owner you really have to be courageous and show something that nobody else is showing. You have to be brave enough to display different and even provocative artworks, if you want to be successful.”

Considering that the gallery owners are operating in the art business since almost 30 years, they are now able to prove their art experience by selecting artists they believe in. 

What Atelier Judith says: “I was truly surprised how modern and open-minded a gallery in Vienna’s old and traditional first district can be. The current exhibition could easily take place in a famous London or New York gallery and I think the international art market experience is the result of high-quality contemporary positions.”

Adress: Weihburggasse 26, 1010 Vienna (Austria)



All photos by Judith Bradl (copyright).

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