Driving through LA with Michael Lange

Last week I opened the mail box and found an artist book of a special nature. Indeed that book managed to take me on a journey I have never been on in reality. 

The talk is of Michael Lange’s LA Drive Book. Immediately after diving into the book, which is bound by hand and feels like a map, a journey unfolds, leaving imprints of LA streets and corners. Indeed the photographs mentally brought me to Los Angeles without  having been there before. It is the first photo book ever containing fold-out photographs up to eight times of the original page size. Shot entirely out of the car over a period of five years, they are displaying hazy images of Downton LA as well as southern parts of the city. 

By showing seedy aspects of the industrial districts, Michael Lange underlines the multilayered soul of Los Angeles. Maybe that is also why spectators will rather feel like travellers, experiencing the realities of the metropolis. I myself have had a completely twisted image of the city of angels in mind, before viewing the grainy bluish / black photographs by German photographer Michael Lange. 

The artist book was created by Dutch designer SYB (Sybren Kuiper), who approached to create a radically new book format. Actually viewing the book has been transformed into an experience itself, following the photographer through random places, almost watching directly through his lens. That may be one of the many reasons why the book won the German Photo Book Award 2020 in the category of Self Publishing.

Click here to not miss this unique book experience and bring LA to your home. 

Special thanks to Zoe Lia Koen!

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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