Visiting Fondazione Prada

I finally managed to visit the art space “Fondazione Prada” in Milan. I was totally impressed – not only by the exhibitions but also by the location itself. 

Let me explain you their concept. In 1993 Mrs. Miuccia Prada and her husband, Mr. Patrizio Bertelli, founded the institution which is dedicated to contemporary art and culture. The venue, located in a factory district of Milan, is something you have never seen before. The whole area is huge and every single building there has its own architectural concept and design. My favorite one was obviously the golden construction. Each space houses a different exhibition – local and international artists are represented. 

You won’t find this kind of art in a “traditional” museum and I totally recommend visiting it whenever being in Milan. Get inspired by the photos I took there.

Personal advice: Check out the cafeteria (“Bar Luce”) in the main building of Fondazione Prada. It’s furnished in 60s American style, designed by film director Wes Anderson.


More information about Fondazione Prada Milano here.

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