Gucci anthems on a dancefloor of icons

Behind the velvet green murals and noble red curtains of Gucci Circolo, lies a world of magic, conceived by iconic Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, touching all senses, from visual jaw-droppers, and olfactory frenzy to dulcet auditory shows of renowed musical anthems.

And those anthems are one of the many reasons why this year, this moment and this place, is perfect to celebrate. Celebrate 100 years of Italian heritage, born from a man driven by passion and a sense for beauty. Guccio Gucci indeed had a very keen eye, which lead him to observing stylish guests at reputable London Savoy Hotel, where he was in charge as a lobby boy around 1899.

Located in Via Borgospesso, Gucci Circolo Milan is being housed at the noble 18th century Palazzo Gallarati Scotti, which by no accident is filled with art historical treasures such as frescoes by Tiepolo and Carlo Innocenzo Carloni.

Similar at Milan Gucci Circolo, you might feel the diversity of Gucci galaxies, all blending in for the maison’s centenary, as if all family members would meet for grandpa’s special 100th birthday.

At that very birthday party, we listen to vinyls and sip tea from the most noble cups while diving into Alessandro Michele’s idea of nature and history, sensing an air (or how A.M. would say *aria*) of surrealism, at a place where time does not exist in a logic way. After a Gucci experience of any kind, you feel like living in another space, literally waiting for the stars to align.

You also feel like time beats faster in your pink glitter heart. And Gucci created several hearts in a realistic shape, adding a surreal colour palette. And touching one of these hearts, will bring you to the core of Gucci beliefs.

You feel like the galaxies and the stars reunite. You are absent from reality, while living in your dreams. You are free from issues, while living in your paradise. You simply feel better than before.

You feel Gucci.

And since 100 years of a passionate Italian affair, are worth celebrating, Gucci Circolo must be the place. It’s about music, it’s about greens and it’s last but surely not least about magic.

That magic will grip you and introduce you to a fairytale planet mixing the beauty of the past with the culture of the future.

And remember, since 1921 there’s 22,705 songs refering to Gucci. To many more songs and to 100 more years of orgasmique heritage.

Photo: © Gucci Instagram

Special thanks for a magic day at your Gucci Galaxy to Fabio Lugana and his beautiful team