Japanese installation art in Paris

Chiharu Shiota is an artist to throw an eye on at this very moment. She was born in Osaka (Japan) and has moved to Berlin at the age of 5. Since then she has been living and working in the German capital. She studied at the Berlin University of Fine Arts and the Hamburg University of Fine Arts and worked at Rebecca Horn‘s studio and with Marina Abramovic.

Her artistic language has been influenced by artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse and Ana Mendieta, both in terms of physical experimentation and an exploration of the unconscious. Shiota chooses delicate materials like fabrics and thread that are traditionally associated with femininity. Her radical and varied artistic approach explores the notions of the body, temporality, movement, memory and dreams. Her site-specific installations are often the theatre for performances designed by the artist and involving the mental and bodily participation of the viewer.

Shiota’s installation works in Paris:

In the first months of this year (2017) the Japanese artist installed an eye-catching project in the Parisian shopping mall “Bon Marché Rive Gauche”.

Currently she is showing her site-specific installation and a series of new sculptures at the well-known Galerie Templon. 

The main gallery room is filled with a 5 meter boat made out of red yarn. The artist explains her favored motif: “I have been using boats since my exhibition at the Japan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015; I wanted to create one oversized boat representing the topics I have touched on in my latest works. Ships carry people and time. They feature a defined direction, with no other choice but to keep moving forward. Though we may not know where we are heading, we can never stop. Life is a journey of uncertainty and wonder, and the boats symbolize the bearers of our dreams and hopes.”

The frame of the boat’s hull resembles a human skeleton. The skin paintings are depicting a poetic representation of the body. A series of red yarn sculptures enclosing various objects such as a dress and a weapon complete the ensemble.

What Atelier Judith says: “This exhibition offers a fully new art experience. The fusion of a traditional material and a contemporary gallery space was the aspect I valued most. Entering the red room gave me a certain feeling of being part of the artwork and the border in between the artwork and the viewer seemed to be broken or at least loosened. You should not miss the show if you are in Paris until July 22!”

Adress: Galerie Templon, 30 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris 

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TemplonIMG_7038IMG_7039IMG_7030IMG_7032IMG_7033IMG_7036IMG_7041IMG_7040All photos above by Judith Bradl. ©

150 yarned boats were installed at the Bon Marché in Paris – Photo: Dominik Butzmann/LAIF-REA
The result of Shiota’s installation at Bon Marché in Paris – Photo: Gabriel de la Chapelle



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