Hotel La Perla’s alpine fairytale

On a gloomy August afternoon, one of my favourite childhood memories came to my mind. That memory now feels like a fairytale.

Indeed it includes my grandmother reading various tales from a giant book aloud to my brother and myself. We used to listen to her words with the greatest attention and admiration, sensing every syllable, while empathising with great heroic characters.

Rarely, since those memorable childhood days, I felt that same unique sensation of listening carefully and feeling admiration for the most authentic pastime.

Namely reading fairytales aloud, and thereby taking us to more exciting worlds, and thereby allowing us, children, to dream about the impossible and the unattainable. 

Back in those days, I could not have known that dreaming about fairytales becoming reality, was to be designated for the infants. Neither could I have known that dreaming about those same fairytales as an official adult was to be regarded as immature and the nature of a “dreamer” would rarely be seen as a quality. 

Contrary to that prejudice, the ability of dreaming and envisioning fairytales, are true values of humanity.

As of the very-fairytale-like Hotel La Perla too. 

La Perla, located in the heart of the Dolomites, is a place of wonders, which may seem impossible in the head of an adult, but becomes a dreamy version of reality, as soon as entering the doors of paradise or as soon as climbing a tree house for an exclusive welcome aperitif, including a spectacular view onto Dolomites Unesco Heritage. 

The dreamy scenery continues and is carefully being extended to every single corner of La Perla, may it be the quaint “Stües” (coming from the German “Stuben” as a mixture of traditional living room and eating area), the fancy Bistrot or the high-end romantic suites, decorated in a very individual and colour-oriented way. Almost like a Wes Anderson visual.

Almost like a Wunderkammer filled with treasures. 

Indeed, the Costa Family, which owns and successfully leads this treasure box, is obviously a very passionate collector’s family. That collecting atmosphere can be felt and seen all over the house and in an older way too, in their former living house, which feels like a dusty Luis Trenker film, with all the alpine vintage features one might know from old movies, such as old cookbooks, lots of Edelweiss bouquets, religious icons, linen nightgowns, and many more treasures. 

But La Perla does not only tell a tale about collecting. It tells many more stories and pearls about crucial human values such as caring for each other, which can be understood in a visual way too. Indeed, staying at La Perla, feels like caring for your eyes, for your mind, and thereby for your soul too.

It feels like escaping to the mountains in a very aesthetic and noble, yet thoughtful and colourful, thus diverse way. Talking of fairytales, La Perla surely is not a cliché, something that you might expect in the heart of the Italian Alps.

It rather resembles an ufo, filled with all kinds of ingredients for well-being and eudaemonia, in the spirit of Aristoteles. 

Many thanks to the whole Hotel La Perla team, for taking care and making ym stays at La Perla so special and fairytale-like! Special thanks to Stephanie, Stefan and Michil.

Str. Col Alt, 105, 39033 Corvara in Badia BZ, Italy

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