Milan goes vintage

During my short stay in Milan, I noticed once again that 99 percent of people in Milan are fashionable and dressed in a stylish way. The majority of Milanese men wear suits and women usually wear skirts or other elegant office outfits. I’m actually not a huge fan of these „boring“ outfits but I’ve actually seen some people who don’t wear them in a boring way – they add a little accessory like a hat or a special bag and that’s what gives the whole outfit a personal touch. But where do all the stylish Milanese buy their unique clothes?

Although I was having quite a rigid art and culture program in Milan I certainly also planned to check out some vintage shops. To be honest I always go to the same stores when in Milan. I know they have great stuff and almost every time I was able to find some amazing and unique pieces there. Here’s a small selection of my favorites:

 #1 Cavalli e Nastri

My personal number one vintage store in Milan is called “Cavalli e Nastri” – it’s located in a really cute street (Via Gian Giacomo Mora). You can reach it by metro and I recommend using Google maps because it’s absolutely not easy to find. There’s two different stores (both named “Cavalli e Nastri”) – one is for women and one for men. Both are furnished in exquisite antique interiors. Most of the furnishings are for sale. The clothes are as unique as the interior. They mainly sell designer clothes (Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and more). Some of them are really expensive but you may also find a “cheap” gem.

Adress: Via Gian Giacomo Mora 12, Milan / Metro: M3 “Missori” or M4 “S. Ambrogio” Check out their website by clicking here.


#2 Groupies Vintage

This is what I’d call a typical thrift shop. It’s a very small shop who offers women’s and men’s 70s, 80s and 90s clothing. The clothes aren’t as cheap as you might expect they would be. But it really pays off checking out this store. Little hint: There’s a second floor. The price of all the items there is measured by the so-called “kilo system” (the price depends on how much the clothes weigh).

Adress: Via Gian Giacomo Mora 7, Milan / Metro: M3 “Missori” or M4 “S. Ambrogio”    Click here for their online shop and website.



The following stores have been selected by me based on other reviews (from blogs, online magazines). I personally haven’t made it to check them out but they are on the list for my next trip to Milan :

#3 Madame Pauline 

A boutique with a French touch in the heart of Milan: the shop has a selection of every kind of gowns, jewels, handbags and accessories that go back till the beginning of the last century.

Address: Foro Buonaparte 74, Milan, Metro: M1 “Cairoli”ahJzfm1hcDJhcHAtcGxhdGZvcm1yLQsSC1VzZXJBY2NvdW50GOXKbAwLEgVBbGJ1bRja_RIMCxIFTWVkaWEYjusTDA_ORIGINAL=s640-2

#4 Vintage Delirium by Franco Jacassi 

This place is definitely a must if you like elegant vintage clothing. The store, located in an inner court near Brera has many unique items: from 20/30s dresses to 80s glamour – from Versace to Thierry Mugler. 

Address: Via Sacchi, 3 Milan, Metro: M1 “Cairolidscn6023_jpg_1380562064.JPG$min$822$530$cc$$

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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