Noble seaside living at Villa Talamo

Imagine diving into a film set resembling Eric Rohmer’s Collectionneuse, adding some charming furnishings from James Ivory’s A room with a view and a good portion of silent mystery from 007 agent productions.

Indeed, the most charming, historical establishments of Villa Talamo have served as a movie location, being one of three identical historical villas built on the edge of the Tyrrhenian seaside.

The coastline and its crystalline waters, as well as the villa itself appeared in the 2008 Bond film Quantum of Solace as the fictional home of 007’s friend Rene Mathis, played by Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini. 

But ever before serving as an ideal movie location and luxurious home for your perfect Tuscan stay, Villa Talamo has originally been a seaside monastery. 

A rather small, yet beautifully curated and decorated chapel, which is still in use for special occasions, marks one of the few traces left from that period of spirituality.

While wandering around the premises of the villa, you may recognise a rather typical monastery architectonical assembly. Nevertheless, Villa Talamo is not typical or usual in any regard.

Its historical property, dating back to the mid 18th century and immersed in the peerless Maremma region, while sheltered by the beautiful Bengodi promontory, sets the perfect backdrop for a light summery lunch, including fresh tomatoes from the villa’s own garden.

Additionally you can find a beautiful merging of antique heritage and design furnishings, thereby originating a rather noble Tuscan seaside home. 

Talking of home, Villa Talamo will for sure feel like home, since the rooms are furnished and equipped with rather personal memories from the owner’s private family collection. You may even find family photographs, framed beautifully, conveying a very private and exclusive atmosphere. 

What really makes Villa Talamo special is for sure the excellent and sui generis seaside view, with an astonishing view onto the peaceful waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, as well as onto the Tuscan islands of Montecristo and Isola del Giglio. And I bet it’s a rather unique experience to enjoy an Italian coastline in a quiet and very serene surrounding, such as Villa Talamo surely is.

Of course the seaside gets even closer, as soon as descending a short pathway, and diving into the clear and fresh saline water, which seems like meditation hours in the morning or late afternoon. 

After a good swim, a pleasing afternoon aperitif or dinner al fresco with an outstanding Tuscan cuisine, based on organic ingredients and homemade plates, can be organised at Villa Talamo’s golden hour, while catching the sunset and observing the facade turning into a golden treasure box, which truly contains six treasury rooms and three beautiful private suite retreats.

With views over the luscious garden, green Tuscan hills and the Tyrrhenian sea each room is furnished in an individual way, each of them resembling a temple of Italian elegance, fully equipped with smooth linens, royal beds, antique wardrobes, marbled bathrooms and lovely dressing tables or plush arm chairs.

Verily, the villa’s interior feels rather aristocratic and movie-like, since the window views resemble living paintings with flowers and towering cyprus trees sprouting from all corners and viewpoints.

Mentally one feels like every single ingredient of Villa Talamo’s magic has been arranged perfectly imperfectly, meaning that various items and objects around the villa lead you to a story, being rich of details and therefore rich of a family’s ergo a human’s history.

And in the midst of this ravishing wonder lies the greatest mystery: Villa Talamo and its secret walls which are waiting to be discovered by you!

Special thanks to Philipp Kunz (in collaboration with Villa Talamo) Clothing provided by Red Valentino (in collaboration with Oberrauch Ziit) Lingerie and swimwear provided by Rubatscher Lingerie Shoes and sunglasses provided by Alain Mikli Paris, The Row

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