The ambiguity of noble Venezianity

Approaching the city of waters always feels like diving into a sea of emotions, while those very sentiments are of all types of nature, the good and the bad, the glad and the sad, the beautiful and the ugly, but mainly the healthy and the sick ones.

In that very sense, Venice for sure represents all types of movies, for it is the ideal setting for the romantic drama on the one canal and the mysterious thriller on the other (foggy) canal. Indeed Venice has, without any surprise, been the location of many classic films.

As a keen watcher of films located in Venice, the current empty piazzas, lonely canals and nostalgic sights such as Ponte Rialto, do recall certain cinematographic scenes such as Visconti’s Death in Venice, David Lean’s Don’t Look Now or Fellini’s Casanova. Without any doubt Venice has many different faces, and surely lives in between extremes.

Venezianity is beauty, elegance, noblesse, nostalgia, loneliness, pain, romance, arts, and above all aesthetically pleasing.

Venezianity too is about marble floors, antique sculptures and the deep sea, therefore about eternity.

Since Venice has been struggling under so many historical circumstances, it always came out even stronger and even more beautiful than it has ever been.

Similarly, Venice is living and will be surviving eternally. But that eternity will only be preserved, as long as humans will respect the nature of Venice. Current days may help us remembering how present plague was in former times, since Venice, especially as a maritime trading power.

For consciously respecting Venice is to be set equal to respecting and estimating Venetians themselves; meeting Bruno, a rather passionate antiquarian and artisan talks about his work, restoring antique furniture properly, living in Venice and drinking wine with great actors like Omar Sharif, with such great passion and fire, managing to light up one’s heart and bring sun rays even to a romantic yet mystical foggy Venice.

In my eyes, Bruno represents Venice in a very authentic way by living his artistic dream with the fullest heart and passion, thereby staying elegant and always choosing quality over quantity.

Indeed, Venetians, offer the highest quality and most noble stays, too. One of them is Home In Venice, consisting of Ca’Navagero (located near Piazza San Marco) as well as Ca’Nal Apartments (located near Ponte Rialto, with the most romantic balconies above Venice canals). Both of them are (still) hidden gems, which are filled with beauty, elegance and uppermost Venetian authenticity, such as terrazzo floors, frescoed ceilings and aristocratic bedrooms.

Staying at either Ca’Nal or Ca’Navagero apartments will offer you a truly authentic and at the same time romantic Venice experience, for you will feel like a true Venetian, entering your palazzo after a Sunday walk or ride around the canals.

Both certainly feel like the most noble romantic getaway you might ever have experienced, and above a rooftop breakfast or a bath with a view, this stay will feel like a dream.

Just like empty Venice feels like a surreal dream; as well as it feels like a ray of hope regarding the future of Venice to be a brighter one, hoping to preserve Venezianity, which is the core symbol and incarnation of elegance, royalty, noblesse, beauty, and much more than its affixed clichés.

But once again, those very clichés and familiar sights, seem to finally be able to take a deep breath in silence, after years and years of suffering from strain and overcrowding. Piazza San Marco and Ponte Rialto, for instance, finally seem to breathe, and shine in a light I’ve never seen on them before.

Venice too is about collecting arts, dining in breathtaking salons.

… visiting galleries all day, lunching in old trattorias, strolling around mercato, contemplating around foggy canals, and once again hunting emotions.

In the end, Venice is all about emotions and we should always reserve a little space in our hearts for its beauty and magic. Just like we should reserve a stay at Home In Venice, whenever paying a visit to the city of waters and wonders.

Special thanks to Alberta (in collaboration with Corte Grimani Apartments, Venice) Clothing and costumes provided by Aloe & Wolf, Siena

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