On the top of Italy
with SkyWay Montebianco

Driving from Milan to Courmayeur, a few weekends ago, was a sweet and surreal memory, at the same time. I would even say it felt like discovering a dazzling emotion of higher power and a dimension pure mountain air.

As much as I love my dear Dolomites, Aosta Valley and Monte Bianco did not disappoint me at all – on the contrary. I discovered how diverse mountains can be. And I truly feel like every mountain has its own personality – just like every human has its character – but even stronger than humans, since mountains are uncovered, without any masks and without any deceits.

Monte Bianco certainly has a very strong character – one which resists all forces of nature and rises above all hardships. In a way, this top of Italy feels like the top of the world. Almost as if observing the world from above – from the top of the world.

Skyway Monte Bianco is much more than a cableway to reach 3,466 meters above sea level. It’s an idea, by drawing humans closer to the mountain and the sky, broadening horizons, overcoming boundaries. Indeed meeting the sky on occasion of KARTELL x SKYWAY MONTE BIANCO dinner, was a surreal and unforgettable experience.

Never have I ever felt the power of nature, so close and so pure. And suddenly, everything felt like a huge planet, where humans would just be a small collaborator of nature.

And suddenly, seeing the lights of Courmayeur by night, and feeling the heights of the cable car, I looked up to nature and admired the strength of the mountains and the stars of its peaks, which surrounded me, as I fell asleep later that night.

And of course, I dreamed of Courmayeur – the top of Italy!