Ottmanngut’s guest house of all senses

If I had to think of a caption for my latest photo series it would say „home away from home“ cause that is what I had the honour of experiencing throughout the last few days at the amazing Ottmanngut Suite & Breakfast.

In fact the charming country residence brought me not only to another era with it’s carefully curated vintage furnishings, but it also took me to an oasis of peace where the planet seemed to spin in a calming pace (which can rarely be experienced in Bed & Breakfast housings).

But Ottmanngut is everything I have ever been looking for in a residence. By offering authenticity, pureness, and last but definitely not least very high quality concerning the groceries that are being used for the unique breakfast, which is served as a three-course menu every morning, Ottmanngut can be classified as a dwelling of great character.

Indeed the residence has received several awards and is proud to be part of some selective accommodations at White Line Hotels and Pretty Hotels. 

Located in between the mountains, close by the historical spa city of Merano in Italy’s region of Alto Adige, the country residence’s history is almost as long and rich as the one of Merano itself. A document from 1290 bears witness to the existence of a country property known as Psorengütl located just outside the city wall. By the 16th century the name changed to Ottmanngut and the property became one of five such farmhouses in the area.

In 1850 the estate was bought by Alois Kirchlechner, a wealthy Meranese merchant, who rebuilt the house, created a charming Mediterranean garden and even produced an excellent red wine. 

Since 2012 Martin Kirchlechner is successfully running the new Suite&Breakfast, that has been restored from 2010 until 2012.

The furnishings, fabrics and paintings all speak for the family’s passion and show a great gastronomical ability with attention to detail. The hospitality of Merano is legendary and strongly connected with spiritual as well as bodily wellbeing. You will feel the pure idea and sense of well-being in the spacious and bright rooms at Ottmanngut, even though they did never build a spa area. The eleven rooms, which rather feel like private living room suites, all have a personality of its own.

I had the pleasure of sleeping and feeling well at so-called “Ecksalon”, a very luminous and elegant “salon” on the last floor. In contrast to its wooden grounds, the ceiling showed an antique chandelier, which seems to be Ottmanngut’s speciality (you will find more particular chandeliers in their public living room which also includes a wonderful book collection and a grand piano).

The furnishings range from 18th century neoclassicism to Biedermeier and Jugendstil and that mixture of design and style eras is exactly what I highly appreciated during my stay at Ottmanngut.

To me, it is a place of various traditions that are yet it is a homogeneous representation of beauty for all human senses.

Another sense I experienced at Ottmanngut is for sure the sense of smell. As soon as entering the guesthouse, I smelled a very pleasant scent that I rediscovered in the bathroom soap and shower gel shortly after. Even the air in the gardens felt similarly comfortable and fresh.

It’s the mild Mediterranean climate of Merano that accounts for the luxuriance of the Ottmanngut gardens and vineyard. The combination of ancient palm trees, soaring cypresses, colourful oleanders and sweet-scented jasmine (much of which can obviously only be felt and smelled in the summer months) even inspired German artist Friedrich Wasmann, which primarily stayed at Ottmanngut to paint the garden. Today, one of the suites is named after him.

As many stories there are to tell, Ottmanngut manages to maintain old traditions in a very stylish and elegant way without any doubt. And in their own words Ottmanngut is “a place where the old and the grand encounter the unconventional and the new.”

Now let yourself fully immerse in the splendid world of Ottmanngut.

Find out more about Ottmanngut here and book one of the amazing rooms here

Verdistraße, 18, 39012 Meran, Südtirol, Italy

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