Picasso on my jacket

My favorite “prejudice” about art (history) students or art people in general is that their fashion style is unusual and special. Influenced by vintage style bloggers I wanted to own an art bomber, especially a Picasso jacket. I found some of them in a local vintage store but they were sadly all too expensive. 

For my birthday an amazing person had the brilliant idea to buy me a Picasso bomber jacket and it was just the perfect one. I totally love the colors and it’s probably the most eye-catching clothing piece I own. It has already happened that people on the street told me stuff like “Hey, nice jacket!”, “Your jacket is amazing!” or “Wow, look at that jacket!”. And that’s exactly the effect I want to achieve with my style. I want to wear unique clothes that people will recognize in the boring mass of mainstream fashion. 

So, here’s my current favorite jacket, out in the city of Budapest. 


I was wearing:

Picasso jacket: Vintage

Polo neck jumper: COS

Earrings: Vintage

Tote bag: Herrmann Nitsch (artist) fondation

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