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Some of you might already know my latest Budapest Vintage Guide, published back in April 2015. Since I have been visiting the city once again, I have found many new vintage places including small markets and second hand shops. Therefore this guide operates as an updated and extended version of the 2015 guide.

First of all I would like to point out the interesting aspects of Budapest, which seem to be much underrated. Compared to Vienna or Prague, Budapest has way more vintage shops, a greater selection of clothes and lower prices. It might be the ideal destination for a vintage-lovers weekend getaway. I recommend staying in the Jewish quarter, which is definitely the most bohemian one, offering courtyard cafés, design shops and ruin-like buildings that have a unique atmosphere and aesthetic. 

Szimpla Kert, in the heart of the Jewish quarter, is my number one vintage place in Budapest! It’s the perfect place to buy design products and enjoy refreshing lemonades in an artsy-retro location. The opening of Szimpla Kert in 2002 has been a milestone in the alternative scene of Budapest. While converting an old factory, that had been condemned to demolition, into a huge open-air cinema and pub, they created a unique framework for hosting cultural events and concerts as well as artist spaces.

Moreover, Szimpla is offering a design shop, where you will find a selection of antiques, Hungarian designer items and up cycled products, redesigned by Szimpla. It may be the address for every traveller, who is looking for “alternative souvenirs” such as hand-painted postcards, artsy tote bags, or design pieces.

Make sure you visit Szimpla Kert with daylight, in order to marvel at each room, which has been designed in a different and creative way, with a great concept in mind. The place will remind you of an old, abandoned estate. It’s a fantastic experience (and an instagrammable location too)!

Address: Kazinczy utca 14, 1075, Budapest



The Vintage Market, is a real thrifter’s paradise in the Jewish quarter, just around the corner of Szimpla Kert. The shop specializes in vintage, industrial and shabby items, including all kinds of pieces that you would usually find at a flea market. Make sure you don’t miss the range of old tins, tableware, postcards, vinyl’s, books, jewels, clothes, suitcases and much more, for rather convenient prices.

The owner is also very friendly and might want to help you finding the vintage piece that you are looking for.

Address: Wesselenyi utca 21, 1077 Budapest


Fordova Antik, is a rather hidden and nondescript shop, at least from the outside. As soon as entering this place, every antique lover’s heart will skip a beat. The shop owner (an old friendly lady) will introduce you to the selling pieces right away. Besides a comprehensive collection of unique jewels, pins and pendants, you will also find loads of black and white photographs in dusty drawers. Make sure you witness this place from another century, including the granny behind the windows.

Address: Hajós utca 18, 1065 Budapest


Humana Vintage Boutique, is certainly a paradise for vintage bargain hunters. The shop offers various clothing pieces and a small selection of accessories including hats, bags and jewels. On certain days you will get discounts from -50% to -70%! Make sure you don’t miss their section of dresses and blouses, which are all very colourful and unique. 

Address: Károly krt.8, 1052 Budapest

Ludovika, located in trendy Rumbach street, is a treasure chest full of high-quality, individual vintage pieces. You will find loads of cute bags, sunnies, colourful blouses, flower dresses, denim jackets. The owners select the pieces themselves at small markets, mainly abroad. The store itself is decorated in a very creative and old-fashioned way. Additionally, the shop has amazing opening hours (daily from 12am until 8pm, even on Sundays)!

Address: Rumbach Sebestyén utca 15, Budapest


Retrock Design & Vintage, is another curated second-hand heaven that you should not miss on your vintage tour in Budapest. On the one hand, the shop is offering Hungarian and international designer items, such as velvet swimwear and colourful socks. On the other hand they are providing a fine-selected range of vintage pieces, including printed blouses, dresses, skirts, shirts, and also a men’s section. Prices vary but are rather expensive, in comparison to other vintage shops (such as Humana Vintage).

Address: Anker köz 2, Budapest


Hababa Design & Vintage, is a mixture of old and new, providing a curated selection of pieces by Hungarian and foreign designers, as well as vintage pieces. On certain occasions, they are offering clothes for half of the price. Moreover they are exhibiting young artists and you can buy their works too.

Address: Fehér Hajó utca 8-10, 1052 Budapest

Photo credits: Judith Bradlwarter. ©

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