The easy breezy lake life

1 week ago I went to a small regional lake (called Lago di Caldaro in Italian and Kalterer See in German) with a very good friend of mine. We decided to rent a rowing boat for some hours and flow on the calm, waveless lake.

Everything during that boat trip was seriously so silent, relaxing and most of all magical. We seriously thought to be somewhere else. Somewhere far away. The world around us seemed to be gone. The only noise we heard was the rudder (and the water).

As my friend had brought his camera, we then thought it would be nice to take some photos on the boat.

My outfit was honestly nothing exciting (more casual) but I wanted to share these photos, shot in an amazing landscape, with you. Moreover I thought documenting beautiful moments would never be a bad idea.

Enjoy the photos!


And here’s a black/white photo from our little shooting session at the lake.
I was wearing:
Printed maxi shirt: Vintage
Rust colored shorts: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas

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