University of Vienna

I actually don’t know why this post comes so late but I guess I didn’t have enough time to prepare such a post before.
So, my biggest dream since loads of years is to be a student at a old, historical university.
I reached this goal by subscribing to one of the oldest (and largest) universities of Europe: University of Vienna is the oldest university in the German-speaking area. It was founded in 1365. You might think “Why does a student care about the history of a uni?” but I think it’s extremely important to know that the college has experience with teaching.
And what attracted me even more is the fascinating main building of the University. The columned inner courtyard and the staircases are really impressive. Somehow the uni reminds me of a private British college and the fact that I almost don’t pay anything makes it even prettier.
Now you might also think about subscribing to a course at the University of Vienna, am I right? You can find all their study programs here.
Enjoy the photos – they were taken during different seasons (from September to January)!
Adress: Universitätsring, 1010 Wien (closest subway station: U2 “Schottentor”)

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