Used books at Bistrot St. Germain

Last weekend I decided to visit the small city of Bratislava once again, as it’s situated only one hour from Vienna. While strolling through the historical center, I discovered many hidden courtyards and in one of them I found a great café!

Now the weekend mood is over but I’m still thinking of this lovely place filled with hundreds of books and offering summery lemonades. These kind of hidden places are what I keep looking for in every city.

A corner with two used armchairs in front of hundreds of books, welcome its guests right next to the small and inconscpicious entrance of “Bistrot St. Germain”.

The charming decoration, including literature, travel magazines, globes, chessboards and other small objects create an authentic and cozy Parisian atmosphere. Additionally the furniture, consisting of bookshelves, chairs and lamps with its vintage-style make the whole place seem like a jewel from another century.
The bistrot is offering delicious dishes, such as homemade pasta, hummus, avocado salad, different burger creations and sweet cakes. Along with the food you should taste their refreshing lavender or lime/mint lemonade. 

Find out more at the cafe’s Facebook page!

  • Adress: Rajská 7, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fr 10am – 11pm / Sat-Sun 12am – 11pm

IMG_9037IMG_9050IMG_9052IMG_9055IMG_9061IMG_9068IMG_9076IMG_9077IMG_9073IMG_9066IMG_9079All photos by Judith Bradlwarter. ©

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