Vienna cafe guide

Vienna is a very elegant city. Now I’ll tell you my favorite places of the city. If you are planning to travel to Vienna, you should check my must do list. 
I’ll always write the adress of the caffé, restaurant, bar, you can find it easily.

The beautiful old cafés 
Vienna is popular for its old traditional coffeeshops. It was a thing I loved in Vienna. 
As it was pretty cold, I always enjoyed a hot chocolate and a delicious cake.
Coffeehouses in Vienna are a culturual meeting for young and older people.

Nr.1 Budapest Bistro (Pilgramgasse 10, district 5) 


When I arrived in Vienna, I found this cute place. It’s a small bistro with amazingly creative furniture.I was really inspiring to sit in there and eat the delicious crossaints.

Nr.2 Cafe Central (Herrengasse 16, district 1)

Cafe Central is a very old cafe in Vienna. To get a table we had to wait almost half an hour. But it was absolutely worth to wait outside in the cold. The inside looks like a cultural museum. 

Nr.3 Skybar Steffl (Kärtner Straße 19, district 1)

This sky bar is at the last floor of Vienna’s shopping center (Steffl). You can enjoy a beautiful view over Vienna and you can see the St. Stephens Cathedral if you sit close to the window. Unfortunately it was very cloudy and foggy when I was there, but I still liked it there. Anyway it’s a very elegant and luxurious location. 



Nr. 4 Cafe Demel (Kohlmarkt 14, district 1) 

This Cafe is my favorite of all. Cafe Demel is the oldest coffehouse in Vienna. And it looks like a beautiful musuem. There is such a romantic feeling. You really need to drink a coffee and eat a mini sacher (small chocolate cake). 

Nr.5 Restaurant & Bar “Motto” (Schönbrunner Straße 30

This Bar/Restaurant is one of the coolest places in Vienna.  What’s so special about this place?
First of all it is pretty dark in the restaurant, there are only a few lights. Then there’s an awesome music. The food is very good. The drinks are amazing as well (you need to ask for the drink with cinnamon, it’s their christmas special). 
Additionally the waiters are all very friendly and funny. You really need to spend a night there. It will be unforgettable.
Such a cool insider place!!!
Hope you liked my review on Vienna. If you have any questions or reccomendations just comment below. Thanks!

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