Best vintage shops in Bratislava

Even though Bratislava is a small city it offers some really great shopping opportunities.

I spontaneously decided to visit the place again with a friend and we found some nice spots just by accident, while exploring the backstreets. 

Take a break from a city walk at: Eleven Books & Coffee / A cafe and bookshop in one place is actually my definition of a perfect place. This cute, small spot offers English (but also French and Italian) used books about art, architecture, design, politics, philosophy, travels and more. By the way the books are really cheap (from 2 to 7€). The service was great, the music as well and the cakes were so delicious. I really could have stayed here for hours and if I would live in Bratislava this would definitely be my favorite place. You just gotta stop here!

Adress: Baštová 345/9, 811 03 Bratislava / More information here.


Buy stylish clothes for really low prices at: Vintage shop by Textile House / This second hand shop is located right at the main square of Bratislava, Hlavné Námestie. When I was there one clothing piece just costed 1€ because of summer sale and I had to buy some wonderful clothing pieces. They are selling 50s bags, jeans jackets, silk blouses, flower dresses and more, also for men. 

Adress: Františkánske námestie 7, 811 01 Bratislava / More information here.


Discover the beauty of retro at: Nox Vintage / Just a few minutes walk from the main square in the center of Bratislava you can find a hidden vintage paradise. It’s located in the inner courtyard of an old building and I only found it by accident. The shop offers clothes (for women and men), bags, shoes, furniture and deco stuff. All products are stunning and therefore also pretty expensive. But you should still pay a visit to this lovely decorated shop! The owner was super friendly as well!

Adress: Michalská 387/14, 811 01 Bratislava / More information here.


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