When in Rome hunting
design and
eternal beauty

Onestamente, it has been a while since I’ve been to Rome last time, but as soon as arriving this time my heart changed its rythm to an extend of barely skipping a beat, the moment I was diving into the endless beauty and magic of antique stores, impressive palaces, frescoed churches and temples at every corner.

Legends and myths say that Rome is eternal and indeed the grand beauty is. Thanks to a lovely small boutique guesthouse in the very heart of Rome, right next to Piazza Navona, the architectural beauty and aesthetics were kept all the more unique and special.

The origins of My Navona go back to 2013 and tell a story, which all began with the encounter of Daniela, architect and owner of the gem, and Massimo, being an architect too, meeting with interior designer Alessandra Bruti Liberati, researcher of prestigious fabrics.

With over 30 years of experience and having at their disposal historical spaces, together they have created a living environment, which almost feels like entering a living room or a private home in Rome. And how rare is that?

Every corner of My Navona has been carefully curated, by paying attention to small details, such as paintings and architectural sketches in every suite, or a most delicious breakfast being served every morning in bed. How romantic to wake up in Rome with a view, accompanied by the smell of coffee, fresh bread and the sweet melancholy of dried flowers.

The entrance space as well as the eight suites proof an impeccable harmony of 19th century traditional architecture and contemporary additions, as well as high-quality design, selected and curated by Daniela and her lovely team.

The gem and its whole scenery, would definitely remind me of Audrey Hepburn strolling through Rome, together with Gregory Peck in Vacanze Romane. But far beyond many movie parallels and surreal time-traveling, Rome is a city which has everything and more to offer, for it’s overwhelming amount of ancient monuments, mixed with a modern twist of lifestyle, while preserving the past.

Similarly, Daniela at My Navona managed to keep history alive, by preserving the spirit, as wel as the floors and amazing wooden doors from back in time, although applying a contemporary approach, by renovating all spaces in a surprisingly contemporary style and paying homage to minimalism.

Oh and did I mention the spectacular view onto well-known Renaissance masterpiece Chiostro del Bramante? As I said and can only repeat, Rome is a work of art, every corner is art and every soul is golden. Just like My Navona and we can essentially stress that My, cause after My stay it truly felt like a second home.

A presto Roma and thanks for the most beautiful stay, diving into the past, while staying modern!

During your stay at My Navona guesthouse make sure you don’t miss these four places and the unique souls behind:

Antica Libreria Cascianelli (by lovely librarian and passionate soul Valentina, who has been collaborating with Gucci and other creative souls as well as artists such as Gus Van Sant. Diving into her Wunderkammer feels surreal and magic at the same time)

Paralumi di Luigi (by lovely Luigi, who keeps the manifacturing culture alive and seems to be one of the very few shops left, designing and creating lampshades)

Antica Manifattura Patrizia Fabri Hats (by lovely and passionate Patrizia, who keeps creating works of art, or as she says: sculptures. Her laboratory is a pure dream and makes you heart beat faster again. It is a homage to Italian culture and the origins of #MadeInItaly. Only in Rome!)

Coralla Maiuri Ceramics (by lovely Coralla and her team of young, motivated and beyond creative artisans, creating art such as one-of a-kind ceramic vases and plates, next to the most extravagant table decorations. You better not miss her!)

Galleria Valentina Bonomo (by lovely Valentina, gallerist and art collecto, who owns a beautiful gallery with the most hidden and eye-catching courtyard in the ghetto ebraico – a splendid area!)